Jack is the founder of Canaveral and the originator of Rich Co-creation, a way of getting things done in which all interested parties work together from the outset and on an equal footing with the aim of generating maximum value for customers or users, other stakeholders, wider society, and, as a natural consequence, the enterprise itself.

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Jack Martin Leith leading an interactive session at European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015

Leading an interactive session at European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015.

Jack has been a pioneer in the fields of innovation, co-creation and organization transformation for three decades.

“Jack is an innovation consultant who walks the talk. He is constantly innovating his own business activity, its design and aims. He is ‘the person’ to talk to for large group interventions (pdf) for whole system change and innovation. I attended a five day Open Space conference that Jack facilitated. It set me on a new path in life. He is highly committed and skilled, challenging and truly creative.

Jack thinks deeply about innovation and transformation. He has developed a range of propositions about innovation which can lead to new insights on the topic. He understands creativity and innovation, and has developed practical ways to develop innovativeness in organisations.

Jack’s views tap into the wild and the wonderful as well as the rational. He likes to shake things up, and to help that shaking to happen quickly. He doesn’t mess about! You won’t always find it easy working with Jack because he is one of that rare breed — an authentic agent of change and innovation who is prepared for things to get harder before they get easier.”

Paul Levy, Senior Researcher in Innovation Management, University of Brighton, UK

Paul Levy, senior researcher at Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton, UK; founder of CATS3000, Rational Madness theatre company and FringeReview; and author of Digital Inferno.
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“A jack of all trades and master of many.”

Tom Bourner

Tom Bourner, Emeritus Professor of Personal and Professional Development at University of Brighton, UK.
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“Jack, I’m very proud to be part of your success story — you’ve been influential in shaping my thinking over the past 25 years, just as you’ve been influential in both UK and Dutch circles and beyond in shaping top management thinking on innovation, change, leadership and how to harness large group process. Delighted to learn that you are now opening your work up to a wider audience, and sharing your knowledge and seasoned expertise, so that you can hopefully play your role in helping to turn this economy around.”

Dr James Wilk, Interchange Research

Dr. James Wilk University of Oxford and Interchange Research.
Read his paper Designing Change on the website of The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.

Jack’s publications include Creating Collaborative Gatherings Using Large Group Interventions (Gower Handbook of Training & Development, Chapter 28), Creating Greatness in the Realm Beyond Systems Thinking (contribution to e-book for conference participants), and Organizational change and large group interventions (Career Development International).

Gower Handbook of Training & Development

He has led seminars at University of Brighton, London School of Economics and Political Science, London Business School and elsewhere.

His network extends far and wide. It includes leading innovators, scholars, authors, speakers and commentators in the management and organizational realms. Some of them are named here.

Jack’s reading list includes Harvard Business Review, strategy+business, MIT Sloan Management Review, McKinsey Quarterly, and World Economic Forum Agenda Weekly.

Some of the many organizations Jack has assisted

ABN AMRO Bank, A T Kearney, Bayer Crop Science, Birmingham City University, Diageo, Dogs Trust, Environment Agency, European Commission, Findhorn Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, Head4Arts, Imagination, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Massachusetts Institute of Technology—MIT Entrepreneurship Center, McCain Foods, NHS, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways), Petroleum Development Oman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal Dutch Shell, Santander, UK Government (Cabinet Office, Department of Health, Home Office, and various local authorities), University of Brighton.

Enriching the world: Is it good business practice?

That’s the title of the five-minute talk Jack gave at Ignite Bristol (motto: Enlighten us, but make it quick) on 31 October 2010. The 20 slides accompanying the talk auto-advance every 15 seconds.

I have heard many people over many years try to “persuade” die hard “financial-only” driven business people that “being good” is also good business. But this talk PROVES the point better, faster and with better evidence that I have ever heard. As a CEO of a smallish niche global business we just assume “good” as being part of work. My sense also is that many large corporates have changed quite a lot in the last two decades as more and more leaders know and want to succeed in the right way. Amazing video!

Paul Miller
CEO & Founder, Digital Workplace Group
Author, The Digital Workplace

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